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Right Care, Right Time (2Rs) Project


Right Care, Right Time (2Rs) Project is jointly organized by Evangel Children’s Home, Precious Blood Children’s Village and Sisters of the Good Shepherd. It provides comprehensive care plan for residential children and adolescents of the three agencies.

The project is co-sponsored by Chan Dang Social Services Foundation and Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged. Evangel Hospital is our co-operation partner which provides medical services for three years started in September 2014.



  • In the short term, this project will provide comprehensive care with timely and appropriate medical services to children & adolescent residents.
  • In response to the increasingly complex problems of children and adolescents, a Multidisciplinary Care Assessment Team (MCAT) model is adopted to design appropriate treatment plans.
  • If long-term treatment is required, medical professionals will refer these children to public services for further follow-up.

Target Users

Children or adolescents suffering from illnesses, emotional or mental distress, demonstrated behavioral problems and need specialist treatment and counseling services.


Case Referral

Cases need to be referred by case workers and approved by superintendents.



Service Scope

  • Early identification of needs in all aspects of child development.
  • Initial diagnosis and referral by family doctors, who intervene at an early stage to improve the children’s physical and psychological health.
  • Multi-disciplinary team is responsible for monthly case review and design of treatment plan. Team members include family doctors, psychiatrist, psychologist, paramedical staff, social workers and residential staff.
  • Medical specialist services include: gynecologist, ENT specialist, physiotherapist, occupational / speech therapist and dietitian.
  • Medical professionals hold training workshop once a year, with the aim to enhance knowledge and confidence of staff and parents in child care.        
  • This project is a new attempt in the industry. We will summarize our learnings, publish and share the concept and practice of multi-disciplinary assessment team.

Project Effectiveness

  • To shorten the waiting time for health screening and medical services.
  • To maintain physical and emotional health of children residents, improve self-image and enhance their ability of self-care.